Do you know What Your Children are Browsing Online?

DEHRADUN. Internet surfing has become an addition for children who nowadays spend more time on a PC rather than on outdoor games. For parents, this activity has become a cause of concern because their children can become a victim of the ill effects of internet such as online abuse, gambling, pornography, etc.

Cyber bullying is one of the major cause of concerns among parents and India ranks 3rd in the global list of worst affected countries. Apart from this, online gaming has also become quite dangerous for children after the recent Blue Whale Suicide Challenge Game which created a havoc taking many innocent lives.

Due to these increasing threats, parents should keep an eye on the activities of their children before it’s too late. Behavioral changes in children such as being awake till late night, staying isolated, and showing unusual anger or fear, etc. can be an indication that something is not right.

Apart from noticing the behavior of your children, it is also important to keep a track of the online activities of your kids to know what content they are consuming from the web. With the availability of kids monitoring tools such as REVE Antivirus Parental Control, parents can monitor their kids’ browsing habits without letting them know.

In the words of Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, the CEO of REVE Antivirus, “Parents can now monitor their kids cyber activities using REVE Antivirus.” He adds “Advanced parental control feature of REVE Antivirus allows parents to block websites or add under surveillance based on certain categories such as Drugs, Dating, Gambling, Adult, etc. to name a few. The tool also facilitates you to set a time limit of internet browsing for your kids, so that they can dedicate sufficient time for their studies.”

A Microsoft approved product, REVE Antivirus has gained certification from VB100 a security information portal, testing, and certification body and OPSWAT, a San Francisco-based software company.

REVE Antivirus is available on all major ecommerce stores in India and can also be downloaded from the official website

यह भी पढ़े: दरवाजे की कुंडी बंद करके अध्यापक ने की छात्रा से छेड़छाड़, पीड़िता ने पुलिस में दी तहरीर

यह भी पढ़े: उत्‍तरकाशी में भूकंप के झटके से डोली धरती, अफरा-तफरी से लोगों में दहशत

यह भी पढ़े: बहू-बेटे की नहीं बनीं तो ससुर ने किया बहू से दुष्कर्म: पीड़िता ने पुलिस को सुनाई आपबीती

यह भी पढ़े: कार दुर्घटना में महंत इंदिरेश अस्पताल के निदेशक की मौत, इलाके में शोक की लहर 

यह भी पढ़े: देहरादून में अय्याशी के अड्डे का फंडाफोड़, मां-बेटे सहित चार को जेल

Sushil Kumar Josh

"उत्तराखण्ड जोश" एक न्यूज पोर्टल है जो अपने पाठकों को देश-विदेश, सरकारी, अर्धसरकारी, सामाजिक गतिविधियां, स्वस्थ्य, मनोरजंन, स्पोर्टस, फिल्मी, कहानी, कविता, व्यंग्य इत्यादि समाचार सोशल मीडिया के जरिये आप तक पहुंचाने का कार्य करता है। वहीं अन्य लोगों तक पहुंचाने या शेयर करने लिए आपका सहयोग चाहता है।

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